Shinjuku, night one


Flight across the Pacific was pleasantly uneventful (and actually a bit shorter than LA to Europe), and the airport staff at Narita was very adequately able at communicating with English-speaking foreigners. Airport Limousine bus (included in our Singapore AL package) was departing shortly after we retrieved our schleppage, and so we were whisked the final 60 km to Shinjuku. Tokyo’s a big place, and you can’t really tell people that you’re staying “in Tokyo” unless you are actually in the Tokyo ward, which is on the opposite side of the city center and a few train stops away from where we are.

Adri and Ryo were both zonkered from the trip and just wanted to collapse in the hotel room. Adri is convinced that hotel minibars are ripoffs, and so she sent me out to get water (preferably carbonated mineral water. Italians.) and while I was at the seven-eleven I got them a couple of pastries as well. One looked like a Mexican pan dulce.

Sharkey and I went out looking for the gyoza shop near Shinjuku station that I have pin-pointed on my CW map. But wait, I don’t have Internet and I’m not going to pay the twenty bucks per 24 hours of wireless the hotel is charging, so I can’t access this map. But it’s A) famous and B) close to the station, so how hard can it be to find?

Well to start with there is no above-ground train station to walk in and out of, so we were probably walking right over the station (which is a huge place, I hear) while we were looking for the station’s east entrance–the one closest to the hotel. We did find the well-lit and somewhat glitzy mostly-pedestrian area packed with foreigners and salarymen and we looked around for a gyoza shop either from the pictures posted outside or by the kanji I have recently learned (餃子屋–says “gyoza ya”). I even asked several people for directions to the best gyoza shop (ichiban gyoza ya), and they pretty much all had the same reaction–something to he tune of (as well as I could make out) “they have gyoza at that place over there” and/or “I’ve never heard of a place that specializes in gyoza.” This seems kind of preposterous to me, having just read an installment of Oishimbo that focused on the various (chain vs. non-chain) gyoza shops of Tokyo. We never found the place we were looking for, and it became clear that my linguistic skills were not going to be of much use.

After a few circuits through this eatery-laden ped zone, we settled on a place that had both gyoza and yakitori. Shark and I split an order of gyoza (1000 yen for a large–roughly double–order) and two skewers each of pork neck (220 yen each), chicken hearts and chicken skin (180). It was all excellent.


So posts can be deleted (I just did exactly this with another test post).

This one I’m saving as a draft without publishing it, then I’ll go make some modifications with my iPad and try to publish it from there…

Okay, I’m now in the iPad wordpress app modifying… When I hit the save button does it stay a draft, or does it go public?

Apparently it stays as a draft. Now let’s see if there is a way I can publish a draft from this app. See, the problem I’m having is that there isn’t really any support for drafts in the app.

It looks like the only way to publish a draft is to go to the browser.

So far I have learned that in order to use the iPad to blog, pictures cannot be attached though safari, only throughout the app. Drafts can be created only in the browser–they can be modified in either the browser or the app, but on order to publish a post that has been saved as a draft you have to go back to the browser.

Let’s see how or if I can even post with this iPad.
Hmm. I can’t browse the ipad’s photo library from the wordpress/safari interface. I may have to post images to Facebook and then insert them here by URL.
Will try that later.

Haha. Ha. I downloaded the free wordpress app for bloggers. Let’s try this.

Hmmm. This app only allows images to be added at the bottom of the post. Well that’s better than no pics, I guess.

The wordpress app seems to have allowed the photo to be put in, though it looked like it was completely frozen. I went back to safari and–surprise! it was there.

How did I get this text below the image? Inserted with the safari browser. Now I’m going to check to see how this looks edited from the app.

Okay. Let’s try adding another picture. This one is the Eiffel tower or something.

Okay. That time it didn’t freeze. This might just work. I’m able to add this without going to the blog site in my safari browser. The only problem is that I still need to go to the browser to see how the post looks. Oh well.

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